France Brenk Award

2019 France Brenk Award

Matjaž Ivanišin. Photo: Kristijan Božak Kavčič

Last Thursday, the 2019 France Brenk Award for outstanding achievements in the field of film culture was presented to Matjaž Ivanišin for his masterpiece Oroslan(2019)!!

With each new work Ivanišin invents a new relationship between fiction and documentary. Following the method of subtraction – a series of situations slowly cleaned to the core – Ivanišin built a simple film world. Based on Zdravko Duša’s story, Oroslan is a construct, a fictional character, around whom Ivanišin weaves a highly personal film poem from Porabje.

KINO! Editorial Board
Oroslan (Matjaž Ivanišin, 2019)

We would like to thank Matjaž Ivanišin for a great film and for taking the time to talk to the aspiring cinephiles, the future fresh forces of the KINO! magazine (Sharpening the Gaze), the friends and supporters of KINO!, the Slovenian Cinematheque and Simit Sarayi Slovenia. 🌷🙌

It’s about seeing space, a house, a face… and when you get home, something stays with you. What remains with you after the encounter, after the viewing, are the feelings that then bound me to make the film there. The way these places stayed with me after visiting the location, the way they didn’t give me peace of mind, and the way they still haunt me. Even as you’re location scouting, you’re looking at the objects and the people there from the perspective of the story you want to tell through your film.

Matjaž Ivanišin