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New KINO! on the horizon

With a special thematic section, KINO! 45 looks at the visible and invisible (internal and external) landscapes that the Iranian master of poetic filmic ideography Abbas Kiarostami put on celluloid film. Within the fresh local and regional production (in the broader region of the so-called Yugosphere), it recognises the breakthrough nature of the new (anti-)newsreel by Nika Autor, a recipient of the France Brenk Award, Newsreel 80 – Metka, Meki (2021), the debut film by the excellent Slovenian music experimentalist and double-bass player Tomaž Grom, Can’t Wait for You to Come(2021), and Landscapes of Resistance (Pejzaži otpora, 2021) by Marta Popivoda, in which the images were sensitively merged by the editor Jelena Maksimović – we already devoted many pages to these filmmakers in the previous edition. The new KINO! also offers a peek behind the scenes of filmmaking  through conversations with Špela Čadež about her new animated masterpiece Steakhouse (2020), Ivan Ikić about Oasis (2020) and the old hand Želimir Žilnik. In addition, a special place is dedicated to numerous film (and television) treatments of the tragic events that took place on 22 July on Utøya. Through a reportage, the section on Film Education offers and insight into the Film Camp in Nova Gorica, while the Book section brings a review of Soviet Science Fiction Cinema and the Space Age, a study on Soviet science fiction by Natalija Majsova…