The fundamental mission of the KINO! Society for Expanding Film Culture is publishing the KINO! newspaper/magazine/journal, which is devoted to film theory, politics and poetry.

Content and structure

When conceiving the content of KINO! and our other publishing and educational activities, we follow the important shifts in (our) cultural and educational sphere.

The Slovenian Cinema section is characterised by an analysis of new films (regardless of their type, genre or mode of production) and a look at the past (the examination of the overlooked, overshadowed or once again relevant chapters of the history of Slovenian filmmaking). The Breakthroughs section follows and analyses some of the most ground-breaking actions in contemporary global filmmaking. The Historicity of Cinema section deals with certain key thematic clusters in film history, following Benjamin’s belief that the present is a part of history and that history ends yesterday. The Books section is devoted to the discussions about important (current and/or overlooked) books on cinema. The School Period section brings discussions of the key film concepts in an essayistic and creative way and – which is crucial – Slovenian translations of the fundamental theoretical texts from the audiovisual field, which are accompanied by a commentary; in the latest volumes, this section has been devoted especially to genre cinema. At KINO!, we strive towards publishing incisive original contributions and translating key film-theoretical works.

Young writers who prove themselves with their critical thinking and thoughtful texts at the Sharpening the Gaze film criticism workshops get a chance of their first publication in KINO! (they frequently contribute to the thematic sections, often the essayistic section Reflection). We also invite domestic and foreign writers in whose work we recognize the quality of breaking the theoretical and referential frames, or experts from the fields of film studies and the humanities to contribute to KINO!.

Editorial board

Maja Krajnc (editor-in-chief)
Nil Baskar
Jurij Meden
Andrej Šprah


PUBLISHER: Društvo za širjenje filmske kulture KINO!, Na jami 11, 1000 Ljubljana
LAYOUT: Maja Rebov
PRINTED BY: Collegium Graphicum
PRINT RUN: 400 copies

PHONE NUMBER: +386 40 720 717

KINO! is financially supported by the Slovenian Book Agency.