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New release

The new issue has been published!

KINO! 43/44 brings a mix of new studies on filmmakers that the readers might be familiar with from previous issues (e.g. Jelena Maksimović and Ivan Ramljak), film classics (e.g. Agnès Varda and Frederick Wiseman) and new discoveries (e.g. Elsa Kremser, Levin Peter and Mariusz Wilczyński). The thematic section on cinema and animal ethics focuses on interesting contemporary film representations o...

Dejan Koban KINO! 43/44


Vid Bešter KINO! 43/44

Glory to Rog

Peter Karba KINO! 43/44

An Impression on the Begining of Contemporary Ljubljana

Kristian Božak Kavčič KINO! 43/44

Never Outside the Cinema Again

Domen Mohorič KINO! 43/44

The Convergence of Films and Video Games. The Historical Connection between Video Games and Films

Matej Trontelj KINO! 43/44

The Audiovisual, Aesthetic and Experiential Side of Video Games and Films

Muanis Sinanović KINO! 43/44

Video Games and Films: Forward into the Past

Robert Kuret KINO! 43/44

Body in a Parallel Reality. The Correlation between Films and Video Games in the Immersion in Virtual/Diegetic Space

Melita Zajc KINO! 43/44

Contemporary Films and Video Games. The Role of Video Games in Cinema’s Adaption to the Development of New Distribution Networks and Viewing Contexts