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Michael Pattison KINO 34/35

Life Itself. James Benning’s Environments: Politics, Ecology, Duration, Edited by Nikolaj Lübecker and Daniele Rugo

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Too Early to Say: 1968

Michael Pattison KINO 34/35

Phantom Threads: Tracing Doubles and Place in the Films of Christian Petzol

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So Keen to Play Loose: The Cinema of Igor Bezinović

Michael Pattison KINO! 33

From Under the Wreckage: Costa, Gomes, Lisbon

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Wild Blue Yonder: Futures in Film Criticism

Michael Pattison KINO 31/32

Song to Song: Ghost Rhythms and Memory-Making in Terence Davies’ Distant Voices, Still Lives

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Beyond the Hills: from Thessaloniki to Palm Springs

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California Eulogies: Jenni Olson’s The Royal Road and Travis Wilkerson’s Machine Gun or Typewriter?

NY: Late night in Sunderland. I am watching—and listening to—Jenni Olson’s The Royal Road, her first-person essay-memoir-travelogue set in California. But today I’ve mainly been thinking about another current California-set romance told in (quasi-)authorial voice-over, Travis Wilkerson’s Machine Gun Or Typewriter? Both films have the air of documentary. Wilkerson’s, however, in which a pirate-r...

Michael Pattison KINO! 27

Police, Adjective: Cliché, Crime and Cartography in True Detective