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KINO! 46/47

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Upon the centenary of Pier Paolo Pasolini’s birth, this double issue of KINO! devotes a special thematic section to his provocative and elusive film expression. 130 years after the birth of Herman Potočnik Noordung, the writers in the Film and Technology section gaze at the dark space screen. The Breakthroughs section includes discussions on Sara Kern's film debut, Julie Ducournau's Titane (202...

Petra Meterc KINO! 46/47

Who Counts the Invisible?

Petra Meterc KINO! 45

»Only those who were brave enough from the start, knew that it was possible to make a good film out of it.«. An Interview with Ivan Ikić

Petra Meterc KINO! 43/44

»We don't have to be heroes to be partisans, but we have to be partisans. No other way!«. A conversation with Marta Popivoda and Ana Vujanović

Petra Meterc KINO! 40/41

About Afghanistan Film Beyond Clichés and Foreign Views. An Interview with Shahrbanoo Sadat

Petra Meterc KINO! 40/41

Love as the Emancipation of the Gaze

Petra Meterc KINO! 37/38

»Taxi drivers are one of the most organized groups in our country!«. An interview with Simeon Ventsislavov

Petra Meterc KINO! 37/38

The Politics of Film Language. An interview with Christian Petzold at 29. LIFFe film festival

Petra Meterc KINO 34/35

The Morphology of Being Stuck