Film and television studies—peer-reviewed

In partnership with UL AGRFT, we are announcing a new section: FILM AND TELEVISION STUDIES—PEER-REVIEWED. Every year, the KINO! magazine will publish three peer-reviewed original scientific papers in Slovenian and English and thus become the first periodical platform for peer-reviewed original scientific papers in Slovenia.

The peer-reviewed section of the journal focuses on original research in Film and Television Studies with possible interdisciplinary links to Media Studies, Cultural Studies, Literary Studies, Translation Studies, Education Studies, Sociology, Philosophy, Psychology, Anthropology, History, Art History, Political Science, Economics and other relevant academic disciplines.

Researchers are invited to submit their unpublished original research manuscripts for consideration of publication in the magazine at:


ISSN 1854-9357
Print circulation: 400.
The first issue of KINO! was published in 2007.

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