Lav Diaz KINO! 2/3

Our Death, In Memoriam

Andrej Šprah KINO! 1

Heremias: na samotni poti osvobodilnega filma

»Always, always, pursuing a vision is a lonely path. You are alone. Even discourse and discussion wouldn’t work for you. Your thesis could fail. Your premise could blur. But ultimately, your work will speak for you. Your work will make them understand. Your work will make them realize eventually why you are such a fool.« Lav Diaz Integralna verzija besedila se nahaja v tiskanem KINU!

Nil Baskar KINO! 1

Umetniško delo v dobi kinematičnega načina produkcije

Integralna verzija besedila se nahaja v tiskanem KINU!

Vinita Ramani KINO! 1

A Dialogue in Progress – Social/Personal Memory Before Heremias

Vinita Ramani: Heremias made me think of and track down details about Jeremias - a 6th century B.C. prophet, who was called to the "office" at a young age; who bore that burden for 50 years (this is from Catholic sources I looked up). Something more below, a summation if you like, of his legacy and his life: Without assuming there's any sort of a direct correlation between the Jeremias of histo...

Alexis A. Tioseco KINO! 1

A River Runs Through It: Reflections on a Shot in Lav Diaz’s Heremias