The publication of Vzgoja za film: Razprava o poučevanju filma v šolah in drugih okoljih (Eng. The Cinema Hypothesis – Teaching Cinema in the Classroom and Beyond, published by Društvo za širjenje filmske kulture KINO! and institute Membrana as the second book in the collection Kamera) was accompanied by various special events – one of which was a discourse with its author Alain Bergala in The Slovenian Cinematheque on March 22. Alain Bergala is one of the most eminent authors of the contemporary French film theory and pedagogy. He was also the manager of the national project Film in schools. The book is not only a theoretical work and a practical manual, but also an ode to the art of film, his unique autobiography and a manifesto for a new film pedagogy.

The integral version of this article can be found in the printed KINO!