In the general context of a thriving number of new television series, Jane Champion, an Australian director focusing on all things “Woman”, a non conformist and a feminist, also branded film a conservative medium and set her sights on the newer and freer pastures of TV Land. Her project was a New Zealander miniseries, a mystery crime drama titled Top of the Lake (2013). In true Campion form, both lyrical and surrealist, the mighty backdrop of nature shows the reality of the fallen Man: rape, death, incest and paedophilia. It is an allegory of society fractured by the conflict between the macho, violent and sombre patriarchy and women fighting and searching for their say. The article considers the topics that Campion has addressed since her early beginnings, including the issue of the representation of women and the approach of female directors, and the question of whether and how the television format changes Campion’s filming style.

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