Miha Vipotnik is a pioneer of media art. Analysing his recent films (Sočasja [2017]; Laughter [Smeh, 2015]), we argue that exploring the materiality of the media and their expressive possibilities is the distinctive feature of his poetics and his main historical role. Introducing the concept of the dispositive, that is, the notion of technology in terms of its use, we analyse his first multimedia project Videogram 4 (1976–79) and show how, by exploring the technological boundaries of broadcast television, Vipotnik discovered the possibilities of using technology in a way that completely differed from the ones that prevailed in broadcast television at the time. By doing this, he simultaneously enriched the language of art and contributed to the awareness of the importance of media technologies and of the fact that, in addition to the established uses of media, different, potentially more democratic, humane and creative uses exist, which we should never stop searching for.

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