Through Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968), the article explains the inseparable connection between the subject and technology. In the notorious scene with the ape and the bone, Kubrick already shows how the human subject and technology are born together in the moment when the ape, while playing with the bone, discovers the dispositif of the tool or weapon – so technology. The film then also offers a projection
of the further development of the relationship between the subject and technology, which actually become inseparable in the technosubject, the supercomputer HAL. In the final stage, shown at the end of the film, this leads to the transcending of the human subject and the birth of the “star child”, which we interpret by drawing on Nietzsche’s concept of the superhuman. According to Nietzsche, humans have to
be overcome, but superhumans can only emerge through humans. Kubrick’s and our thesis is that this happens when the forces in humans enter an inseparable relation with the forces of technology and thus form the new and still unimaginable form announced by Nietzsche.

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