We can surely all agree that he predominantly has an unbeatable character that moves on the edge of law, despite his roughness and occasional crudeness, he is capable of tenderness and mercy. Compassionate to the extent that he pities the person he is about to deal with in advance. More often than not he is prepared to do something not entirely in accordance with the written laws, all for the good of the community. On his way to the well-earned dinner, he is not stopped even by a revolver gang. The latter he will disarm with a typical punch, that every one of his admirers understands a little differently. For some it is a impetuous clap of sprawled hands with his opponents head in between, for some it is crushing blow with his fist to the top of the good-for-nothing’s head so that he gets buried in the ground, and for others it is a volcanic crowd, gathering around the giant from all sides, covering him like an anthill.

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