KINO! 33

Table of Contents


Hommage à Bud Spencer, Tomaž Grušovnik


Hommage to Rupture, Petra Meterc

Scary Mother: One's Own Room in Millennial Georgia, Tina Poglajen

... Only My Gun, My Pony and Me. A Conversation with Matjaž Ivanišin, Ostrenje pogleda

Nighthawk – Taboo through Animation, Kristian Božak Kavčič

Back to the Future. Law of Language, Law of Desire in Villeneuve's Arrival, Robert Kuret

Upgrading »the ŽŽ method«: The Most Beautiful Country in the World., Maja Krajnc


The Practices of Fictionalization and Their (Future) Doubles, Andrej Tomažin

Technological Horror, Primož Krašovec

From Under the Wreckage: Costa, Gomes, Lisbon, Michael Pattison


Igor Bezinović: Istria on Film, Tina Poglajen

Filming Blockade: Bezinović’s Observational Activism, Nace Zavrl

The Apparition of a Leader or the Growing up of the 1980s Generation. Igor Bezinović: Brief Excursion, Robert Kuret

Touching at a Distance. Bojan Bešić and Other Social Symptoms in Igor Bezinović’s Short Films, Jernej Trebežnik

So Keen to Play Loose: The Cinema of Igor Bezinović, Michael Pattison, Neil Young

A Long Brief Excursion. A Conversation with Igor Bezinović, Ostrenje pogleda


The Formation of an Actor’s Sense for Improvisation. Russian Theatre School, Vesna Kuzmić


On the Barricades. The Decanonisation of Cinema. A Theoretical-Empirical Mix on La Commune (Paris, 1871) and Camera politica. The Dialectics of Realism in Political and Militant Cinema, Nenad Jelesijević


The Handmaid’s Tale: It Could Always be Worse, Jernej Kaluža

Who Awakens, Where do They Awaken? . Twin Peaks: The Return, Robert Kuret


What Remains: Donald Trump's Immigration Speech With the Redaction of Non-Racist Remarks, Erin Wilkerson

Theatre, Srečko Kosovel