The programme Faces of Analogue/Quantisation of Red at the Slovenian Cinema­theque will for the first time comprehensively put Miha Vipotnik’s film/video oeuvre on display and up for consideration by experts and the general public. It will take us through a forty-year oeuvre of more than fifty works, from early analogue ones on celluloid and magnetic tapes to later digital ones on files and online platforms, thus spanning the arc from early experimental processes to cinematic narration. In this regard, we focus on the story of video art and its relation to television and film. We describe the specifics of video as a new medium and focus on the relation­ship and the synergies between videos and short films and their representational field in the past and the present. We propose some more complex terms, such as moving image, the art of projection, and screen-based media, which have become increasingly acknowledged in post-media art. As an appendix to the text, the reader can find a detailed description of the Videogram 4 (1976–79) project, which, with its complexity and use of technology, is crucial for the understanding of Vipotnik’s artistic practice and experimental video art in general.

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