The paper analyses multilingualism in Hollywood films. Through an examination of the socio-linguistic context of multilingualism in Hollywood films both past and present, along with the introduction of Hamid Naficy’s concepts of accented cinema and the multiplex cinema, I aim to address inquiries regarding the evolving roles and motivations concerning language and multilingualism in modern Hollywood cinema. This exploration delves into how contemporary cinema adapts to the shifting dynamics of globalized, multicultural, and multilingual societies. I conclude the paper by presenting a case study examining the multilingual Hollywood (multiplex) film Babel (González Iñárritu, 2006). Through this analysis, I illustrate how the growing prominence of multilingualism in Hollywood serves as both a destabilizing force for the traditionally monolingual Hollywood film and a consequence of Hollywood’s aim to reach broader audiences.

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Multilingualism in Hollywood Films Seen Through Naficy’s Concept of Multiplex Cinema