The dichotomy between light and darkness. The dichotomy between life and death. We follow the protagonist, Mr. Badii, on the road between these contrasts in his allegorical search for someone who would bury him. Help him cross to the other side. Through a rocky landscape, in the middle of an insignificant construction site, Mr. Badii drives in his Range Rover and addresses random people to help him fulfil his wish. It seems an easy task that promises good payment in return. However, the escape from the reality of existence proves more difficult to implement. People may understand him, but are unable to feel his pain. Some of the people he speaks to just want to get away from him, others believe the words of God that his decision is a sin, and still others instil optimism in him, telling him that he needs to change his perception of the world and again perceive the beauty in simple things, see the light in the sunrise and in the tasting of the fruits of nature.

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