KINO! 45

Table of Contents


The Path Someone Once Walked. Newsreel 80 – Metka, Meki by Nika Autor, Kristian Božak Kavčič

The Mysterious Life of Memory, Muanis Sinanović

Till Then, Kristian Božak Kavčič

Metaphor and Dissolve, Oskar Ban Brejc


Narrative Allegory of a Sensitive Synaesthesia of Co-existence, Andreja Štepec

Film Poetry of Abbas Kiarostami, Muanis Sinanović

Kiarostami's MacGuffin, Vlado Škafar


From the Perspective of Time: Repetition with a Difference, Anja Banko

Genocide on the Screen, Muanis Sinanović

The Possibilities of the Aesthetic View, Robert Kuret

Sexuality that Creates; Sexuality that Destroys, Tina Krašovic


The Steak – a Symbol of Violence. An Interview with Špela Čadež About her Recent Masterpiece Steakhouse, Vesna Markič

»Only those who were brave enough from the start, knew that it was possible to make a good film out of it.«. An Interview with Ivan Ikić, Petra Meterc

»What do those fools want!?«. An Interview with Želimir Žilnik, Oskar Ban Brejc, Kristian Božak Kavčič, Maja Gregorčič, Tina Krašovic, Vesna Markič, Nika Senica, Zala Žagar, Maja Krajnc


»I'm afraid filmmaking would disappear like circuses.«. A Reportage from the Nova Gorica Film Camp, Kristian Božak Kavčič, Mitja Devetak, Vesna Markič, Zala Žagar, Maja Krajnc


Into the Past to Get the Future!. Soviet Science Fiction Cinema and the Space Age, Memorable Futures, Natalija Majsova, Vid Bešter

Lav Diaz, the Birth of the Historical Subject. Conversations with Lav Diaz, Michael Guarneri, Matic Majcen


A Memory Spot and a Solitary Confinement Prison Cell (a selection), Urška Kramberger

HELI(((O)))GRAMS, Sergej Harlamov

Two Events on Trubarjeva Street, Muanis Sinanović