The article aims to use the case of the first regional web series #JustSaying (#SamoKažem, 2013) by Jelena Gavrilović, a young Belgrade filmmaker, to outline the basic premises of her filmmaking style and delineate the main characteristics of the web series format. Considering the fact that the director’s focus so far has been on young people and their self-discovery through their relationships with others, her work nicely fits the thematic trends of the web series format in general, which still mostly deals with the lives of teenagers and young adults and is also made mainly by and for a younger generation. Still, since web series are a complex, post-modern and interactive format on the intersection of audiovisual and internet systems, it is also worth noting that web series at least partially lead to the loss of creative autonomy and force the directors to find a way of adapting their style to the new medium.

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