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Vinita Ramani KINO! 1

A Dialogue in Progress – Social/Personal Memory Before Heremias

Vinita Ramani: Heremias made me think of and track down details about Jeremias - a 6th century B.C. prophet, who was called to the "office" at a young age; who bore that burden for 50 years (this is from Catholic sources I looked up). Something more below, a summation if you like, of his legacy and his life: Without assuming there's any sort of a direct correlation between the Jeremias of histo...

Miklavž Komelj KINO! 1

The Method of Enthusiasm

The Method of Enthusiasm Miklavž Komelj KINO! 1 2007

Alexis A. Tioseco KINO! 1

A River Runs Through It: Reflections on a Shot in Lav Diaz’s Heremias

Travis Wilkerson KINO! 1

Incomplete Notes on the Character of the New Cinema