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Lav Diaz KINO! 2/3

Poems for Benjamin Agusan. Poems from Kagadanan sa Banwaan ning mga Engkanto (Death in the Land of Encantos)

Relenting as suddenly as it pours Departing as suddenly as it arrives Rancid air burgeoning from morning's promise Dispersed before noon out of keen jealousy At the angels of earth and heaven and purgatory and the devil You roamed the far-reaching river of triangles unable to complete themselves In a consciousness made restless by torrents and waves and ever shifting curves You're Sisa o...

Lav Diaz KINO! 2/3

Out Death, In Memoriam

Naomi Kawase KINO! 2/3

Diary Fragments


Toward a Meta-Reality of the Cinema

CS Leigh KINO! 2/3

Uses of Actors as Documentary Subjects in Fiction Film: Twelve or More Examples

Barbara Wurm KINO! 2/3

Pavel Kogan & Lyudmila Stanukinas: Nearly Forgotten Elders of Soviet Documentary

Thom Andersen KINO! 2/3

Intimate Class Relations

This text first appeared in the Viennale catalogue in 2005. Integral text is available in the print edition of KINO!, as well as in the 8th edition of the online film magazine Rouge.