KINO! 36

Table of Contents


Mystery of Milena Dravić, Miklavž Komelj


Glory is the Sun of the Dead: Deceiving Visions of Stanley Kubrick’s Napoleon, Matic Majcen

How to Conquer Arrakis?, Miha Žargi

Escape from the City of Enjoyment. David Lynch: Ronnie Rocket, Robert Kuret

The Unrealised and the Unrealisable in Lars von Trier’s Filmography, Jernej Trebežnik

Exposé. Screenplay and Scenography for a New Version of Shakespeare's Hamlet, Andrej Tarkovski

Tarkovsky's Hamlet – Miracle num. 3. Conversation with David Gothard about Hamlet by Andrei Tarkovsky, Kristian Božak Kavčič, Žiga Fabjan


»When Will Croatian Victims Get a Theatre Performance?«, Andrej Tomažin

The Sunset of Civilization, Tina Poglajen

Discomfort and Space. An Interview with Olmo Omerzu, Lun Sevnik

»I Attempt to Bring into Life the Histories That are not Usually Recorded«, Žiga Fabjan

»Comrades, the Situation – and This We Have to be Aware of – Is Not Bright«. A Conversation with Urša Menart, Eva Jesenovec and Branko Završan, Ostrenje pogleda

»When We Came to a Point When We Stopped Thinking, We Quickly Found the Essence«. A Conversation with the Main Cast and the Producer of Consequences, Ostrenje pogleda

Edge. The Box by Dušan Kastelic, Kristian Božak Kavčič

I Fell in Love with the Enormous Green Eye!, Dunja Rahovsky Šuligoj

Playful Love. A Conversation with Leo Černic, Kristian Božak Kavčič, Dunja Rahovsky Šuligoj


At the Bottom of the Underground—Martha Colburn, Marius Hrdy

Mapping Östlund’s Sociology in Contemporary European Cinema, Jernej Trebežnik


Nightmare Cities. Italian Zombie Cinema and Environmental Discourses, Russ Hunter

Cartesianism and Intersubjectivity in Paranormal Activity and the Philosophy of Mind, Steve Jones


Everything Is Film. Godard, Antoine de Baecque, Simon Smole



Letters to the Editor: Tarkovsky family, David Gothard, Lindsay Anderson, Richard Eyre, Stephen Frears, David Puttnam, Nicolas Roeg, John Schlesinger

Automatisation. (fictocritic), Tomaž Grušovnik

A Record in Which I Am Mistaken, Lun Sevnik

A Note on Meeting Ruben Östlund, Maja Krajnc

The Point of the End/The End of the Point. (fictocritic), Tomaž Grušovnik