fiBased on a fragmentary review of certain films shown at the 30th and 31st Ljubljana LGBT Film Festival, the article tries to establish the basic principles of the thinkingpracticing of disidentification in the context of film and beyond it. We are interested in how to cut into the existent, into the aesthetic regime, with a transaesthetic intervention, i.e., with a specific, emancipatory speech, enunciation, action transcending the paradigm of representation by a creative, thinking body in the political space of film. The subjectivation of film expression demands and at the same time co-creates heterogeneity in the sensible – with the image, representation and perception avoiding the power structure – as a condition for an impossible event, for the act of speaking the unspeakable in the language of images and sounds. The
denial of identities is immanent to this event in order to take away their totalitarian supra-meaning and therefore shake the power of the police structure of the existent.

The integral (Slovenian) version of this article can be found in the printed KINO!