Through filmmaking and essay writing, this article explores a set of buildings in the town of Igalo, Montenegro. The area is known for its natural healing resources – mud and water with high mineral contents – and has become a renowned center for the treatment of chronic health conditions and rehabilitation. Tito had a villa built in the area, containing a large private rehabilitation facility, where he could receive treatment for his chronic illness, while the Oslo University Hospital has sent patients to the Institute Dr Simo Milošević JSC since 1976. Written in an essayistic manner, this article takes its reader on a journey through the various spaces used in treatment and rehabilitation, venturing into the field of disability studies, Werner Herzog’s physical approach to filmmaking, and the way the disabled London-based poet Abi Palmer approaches chronic health, bathing and the sanatorium in her work. Referring to the author’s own practice of filmmaking and personal experiences from the site, the article asks what it means to approach the disabled body’s experience in space through filmmaking.

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