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New release

The new issue has been published!

With its thematic section, KINO! 49/50pays tribute to Ema Kugler, whom Sabina Đogić conversed with in an extensive, honest and scintillating interview. The set of interviews consists of conversations with Slovenian and foreign theoreticians and practitioners (James Benning has, for example, returned to the pages of KINO!). The Breakthroughs section brings reflections on the more prominent ...

Petra Meterc KINO! 49/50

"India and films are what gives me hope and this shows my naivety, but sometimes that's all I've got.". Interview with Teresa Braggs

Matic Majcen KINO! 49/50

Nostalgia is a form of death. Interview with James Benning

Žiga Brdnik KINO! 49/50

''Only if I feel things with my own hands can I perhaps speak the truth.''. Interview with Hugo Covarrubias

Petra Meterc KINO! 49/50

"In these archives there is a hidden spirit of solidarity, which I would like to pass on to others.". Interview with Mila Turajlić

Kristian Božak Kavčič KINO! 49/50

Shelter. Interview with Nadja Šičarov

Nina Cvar KINO! 49/50

Video short circuit in the 21st century: turboextractivism and necrocapitalism abstraction. Interview with Marina Gržinić

Sabina Đogić KINO! 49/50

Without her own home and with unpaid work to Prešeren Award. Interview with Ema Kugler

Lukas Debeljak KINO! 49/50

No Title

Sergej Harlamov KINO! 49/50

Two songs