Nika Grabar KINO! 40/41

As a Memory Falls to Pieces. An Interview with Miha Vipotnik About the Video Path of Crazy Wisdom

Žiga Fabjan KINO! 40/41

Alzheimer Cafe – »the community that doesn't wait, but lives«. An Interview with Martin Draksler

Ana Šturm KINO! 40/41

»It's nice if a film is smarter than you«. An Interview with Gregor Božič and Marina Gumzi

Bojana Bregar KINO! 40/41

Banally Perverted Everyday Life. An Interview with Jan Soldat

Ana Šturm KINO! 40/41

»I like the manual process of film development«. An Interview with Mark Jenkin

Petra Meterc KINO! 40/41

About Afghanistan Film Beyond Clichés and Foreign Views. An Interview with Shahrbanoo Sadat

Jasna Pintarič KINO! 39

A Life on a Filmstrip

Rok Benčin KINO! 27

Use of Time in Film: Interview with Jacques Rancière

Christoph Huber KINO! 4

Transcendental Style in Film Redux: Jean-Claude Van Damme Talks About JCVD

KINO!: This extraordinary and touching scene where you seem to improvise for the camera, in one unbroken take that lasts four or five minutes …  So playing “yourself“ …  In this regard JCVD seems a courageous choice, for certainly after this role you will be seen differently in the public eye …  The thing in the film about being broke … You're upcoming project, which you will direct yourself, i...

Vinita Ramani KINO! 1

A Dialogue in Progress – Social/Personal Memory Before Heremias

Vinita Ramani: Heremias made me think of and track down details about Jeremias - a 6th century B.C. prophet, who was called to the "office" at a young age; who bore that burden for 50 years (this is from Catholic sources I looked up). Something more below, a summation if you like, of his legacy and his life: Without assuming there's any sort of a direct correlation between the Jeremias of histo...