Earlier this year, the US television channel AMC aired the first episode of the spin-off of Breaking Bad (2008–2013). It was a long-awaited television event. Probably because its ‘parent’ serial ended too soon – what a rarity! – before the fans were ready for it, but also because Better Call Saul (Better Call Saul, 2015–) is the first spin-off of the so-called »second golden age of television«. Do Better Call Saul and Breaking Bad share only part of the ingredients (the main and a few supporting characters, the setting, etc.) or did the spin-off follow the original show’s more comprehensive recipe? We show that the latter is the case. In the context of the relationship between the spin-off and the original show, the protagonist’s (moral) transformation, while at the heart of both shows, in the first functions in the name of something else than in the latter.

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