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Jure Detela KINO! 27

How Do I Judge Film Art (School Essay)

Tina Poglajen, Harriet Warman KINO! 27

Violent Women

Dear Harriet, Remember January, when we were walking through the streets of Rotterdam from that theatre that until the end of the festival I've never quite managed to find my way to by myself since you always knew where it was and I just followed? There was a feminist film programme section at the festival called “What the F!?” and we were just coming out of a screening of I Stay with You (Me q...

Michael Pattison, Neil Young KINO! 27

California Eulogies: Jenni Olson’s The Royal Road and Travis Wilkerson’s Machine Gun or Typewriter?

NY: Late night in Sunderland. I am watching—and listening to—Jenni Olson’s The Royal Road, her first-person essay-memoir-travelogue set in California. But today I’ve mainly been thinking about another current California-set romance told in (quasi-)authorial voice-over, Travis Wilkerson’s Machine Gun Or Typewriter? Both films have the air of documentary. Wilkerson’s, however, in which a pirate-r...

Ana Pepelnik KINO! 27

Situation on Frontiers

Bor Pleteršek KINO! 27

Slippin' Jimmy

Michael Pattison KINO! 27

Police, Adjective: Cliché, Crime and Cartography in True Detective

Nina Cvar KINO! 27

When the End Is just the Beginning: The Systemic Indefinability of (Non)subversive Mad Men

Mirt Komel KINO! 27

Twin Peaks and Repetition

Rok Govednik KINO! 27

How Films Get to Us. Shadow Economies of Cinema, Ramon Lobato

Anja Banko KINO! 27

Archives as the Doors to the Future. Archive Fever, Jacques Derrida