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New release

KINO! 51 has been published!💚

With a number of diverse studies, this special edition examines film and ecology. In his metatext, Tadej Troha considers the beginning and the end of climate crisis, Tomaž Grušovnik paints the modes of representing nature in films, while Kaja Kraner provides the historical premises of representing nature, foregrounding the term dark ecology. Based on unusual experiments, Becca Voelcker thinks a...

Darko Štrajn KINO! 51

Cinema as a Transformative Agency Within Art and its Reflections

Cinema as a Transformative Agency Within Art and its Reflections

Lukas Debeljak KINO! 51

The Sun (in middle shot)

Martin Pogačar KINO! 51

Humans, Train, Nature. (Not Only) Documentaries and the Reconstruction of Post-World-War-Two Yugoslavia

Matjaž Zorec KINO! 51

The General Line of Our Daily Bread

Polona Petek KINO! 51

Oppenheimer. Everything you wanted to know about American exceptionalism, the military-industrial complex and cancel culture, but Christopher Nolan failed to tell you. Or did he?

Neja Rakušček KINO! 51

The (Non)Acceptance of Changes: The Intersection of Body and Eco Horror

Veronika Šoster KINO! 51

Alex Garland’s Annihilation as the Birth of New Modes of Ecohorror

Maks Valenčič KINO! 51

The Limits of Film

Robert Kuret KINO! 51

The Emerging and Submerging of the Human Subject.. Subject and Substance, the Real and Thing, Difference and One in Ema Kugler’s Films