Neil Young (by hand):

6.50pm, 25th March 2013 – Bronson Canyon, Griffith Park, Los Angeles, California

Dear Eric

Bela Lugosi was here! Evening falling now, behind me as I sit on a handy rock the sun lights up the craggy hillside across whose face large crows soar, cawing, their landings dislodging rocks which tumble steadily down to the bottom.

In front of me, two entrances to the “caves” – a short tunnel that looks like a haven for bats. Coyotes reportedly lurk, and a sign at the entrance to the Park (head of Canyon Avenue) warns of rattlesnakes. Dangerous critters; children of the night – Murder Legendre country and I hope Bela also felt at home. So far from Hungary (and from Haiti too).

PS (10pm, Sunset Boulevard)

Sitting outside a cafe, next door to the ArcLight Dome cinema, with a root beer. Across the boulevard, two huge billboards – one horizontal, one vertical – together advertise the upcoming Evil Dead remake that you mentioned, released here on April 5th. THE MOST TERRIFYING FILM YOU WILL EVER EXPERIENCE. Hmmm, maybe. But it’s unlikely that as any people will pay to see it as paid to see White Zombie back in the day, its creative great-grandfather (via Raimi and Romero). And I wonder if it’ll be much remembered 81 years hence. Let’s find out in 2094. Deal?

Integralna verzija besedila v angleščini se nahaja v tiskanem KINU!