The first Warhol movie I saw was Sleep. It was June 1964 at the Cinema Theater on Western Avenue in Los Angeles, the birthplace of Midnight Movies. Sleep didn’t begin at midnight, it began around 6:45 pm. It’s a long movie; as I recall, it ended around 12:30 am. There were about 500 people in the theatre when the film began; there were about ten left when the movie ended. I was one of them, although I didn’t watch the whole movie: after four hours or so, I slipped out for a snack at the coffee shop around the corner.

Besedilo je ponatis avtorjevega prispevka za filmski katalog festivala Viennale leta 2005. Integralna verzija besedila se nahaja v tiskanem KINU!, pa tudi v 8. ediciji spletne filmske revije Rouge.