He is probably best known internationally (if at all) for his two longest enterprises to date: student-protest documentary The Blockade (Blokada) from 2012, and his current festival-circuit award-winner A Brief Excursion (Kratki izlet), from this year. Both are very solid works, but I prefer his shorter stuff, as it is here that the confluence of economy, humour, originality and (deceptively casual) political intelligence—it’s this specific confluence that sets him apart from and above his peers—is most exhilaratingly showcased, whether he’s operating on a tiny canvas like the 4-minute Kierkegaard (2014) or what I would consider his masterpiece (so far), Veruda: A Film about Bojan (Veruda: Film o Bojanu), the 34-minute documentary from 2015. You like that one too, if I recall.

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