KINO! 43/44

Table of Contents


Observational Ode to Organic Solidarity, Jernej Trebežnik

Endgame, Nenad Jelesijević

Let Poetic Justice Prevail. Unveiling the Creative Process of Jelena Maksimović’s Homelands, Maja Krajnc

On the Way from Myself to a Friend, Kristian Božak Kavčič

»We don't have to be heroes to be partisans, but we have to be partisans. No other way!«. A conversation with Marta Popivoda and Ana Vujanović, Petra Meterc

Domesticated Spaces Gone Wild, Vesna Markič

Behemoth in Lodz: Kill It and Leave This Town, Tina Poglajen

Film and Animal Ethics

The Curse of Carnivores and the Bloody Progress, Tomaž Grušovnik

Dog Space, Anja Radaljac

Dogs in Cinema, Oskar Ban Brejc

Dog Days, Muanis Sinanović

How to Universalise the Cat Species. On Kedi, Aljaž Krivec


Filmic Pandemic Pasts and Futures: The Case of New Queer Cinema, Jasmina Šepetavc

Exercises in Upright Posture: The films of Mohammad Rasoulof in the Context of Contemporary Iranian Cinema, Matic Majcen

The Time of Jep and the Time of Victoria: Love and Pleasure between Boomers and Millennials, Muanis Sinanović

A Matter of Escape, Nenad Jelesijević

Best Regards from Ljubljana

On the Structure of Public Conflict: ŠOU–RŠ, MOL–ROG etc., Jernej Kaluža

The Res Privata Republic. The Destruction of the Rog Autonomous Factory as a Happy Meeting of the Left Liberal Futuristic Fantasy, the Neoliberal Governance Technique and the Appetites of the Xenophobic Right, Izidor Barši, Rastko Pečar

School Hour

Vagabond: Agnès Varda on a Journey between Realism, Feminism and Post-modernism, Andrej Šprah


A Newly Opened File on Jean Painlevé, Matic Majcen


My Brilliant Friend: An Extreme Close-up of Gender Inequality, Nadina Štefančič

Film and Video Games

Contemporary Films and Video Games. The Role of Video Games in Cinema’s Adaption to the Development of New Distribution Networks and Viewing Contexts, Melita Zajc

Body in a Parallel Reality. The Correlation between Films and Video Games in the Immersion in Virtual/Diegetic Space, Robert Kuret

Video Games and Films: Forward into the Past, Muanis Sinanović

The Audiovisual, Aesthetic and Experiential Side of Video Games and Films, Matej Trontelj

The Convergence of Films and Video Games. The Historical Connection between Video Games and Films, Domen Mohorič

Pillow Shots

Never Outside the Cinema Again, Kristian Božak Kavčič

An Impression on the Begining of Contemporary Ljubljana, Peter Karba

Glory to Rog, Vid Bešter

Emptiness, Dejan Koban